You will look into my eyes
but I will look away.

You will place your arm just so...
against my back, and I
will let you take my hand.

You will look into my eyes.
Now I'll smile and toss my head.
You will press your hand just so...
and sway me side to side.

I will look into your eyes.
You will touch your thigh to mine.
I will uncross my legs and twine
your limbs with mine.

We will move as one, first slow,
then fast, then slow again,
with the dangerous grace of cats
stalking through the singing grass...
You take the lead but I'm the one
who leads you on to follow me.

I will look into your eyes.
You'll look into mine.
You will ask me: Now?
Ready now?
Yes, ready now.

by Barbara Goldowsky